Some products do what you want out of the box. Some require assembly. Which is why we collect tutorials here.

How to set up an Indie Website

An Indie Website lets you post and interact with your friends just like you can on social media. But you do it from a website that you control. The Indie Website will then publish your content to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Comments and likes from your friends will automatially show up again on your website. The result: all the benefits of social media, with few of the downsides.

How to set up a home server (aka personal cloud) for sharing, blockchain, decentralized social media and/or home automation

No, that does not require lots of proprietary hardware. You can run apps that you don’t screw you for all of those, and more, on a single piece of hardware you own.

The biggest decision to make is whether you will make your home server the first device in that directly connects to your ISP, or you run your home server behind your router on your home network. This Howto will help you decide: Should my home server replace my router?