1 Known Known, Inc. Server-side software Social publishing platform. Apache 2.0
2 Wordpress Wordpress community Server-side software WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Apache 2.0
3 Wordpress Automattic Hosted service WordPress powers 28% of the internet. WordPress.com is the easiest place to get started. Fremium
4 Quill Aaron Parecki Hosted service Quill is a simple app for posting text notes to your website. Free
5 Federated Wiki Federated Wiki Community Server-side software Wiki Apache 2.0
6 Ghost Ghost Foundation Server-side software An open source, hackable platform for building and running a modern online publication Apache 2.0
7 Brid.gy Ryan Barrett Hosted service Pulls comments, likes, and reshares on social networks back to your web site Free
8 DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo Hosted service Internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. Free
9 StartPage Surfboard Holding B.V. Hosted service Privacy focused search engine, founded in New York and launched on the Web in 1998 Free
10 Open Sprinkler Ray Wang and Samer Albahra Integrated hardware/software system Open-source, web-based smart sprinkler controller for lawn and plant watering, drip irrigation, farm irrigation, hydroponics etc. approx. $150 depending on features
11 Signal Open Whisper Systems Mobile app Encrypted chat and voice calls GPLv3
12 Nextcloud Nextcloud Server-side app File sharing AGPLv3
13 Selfoss Tobias Zeising Server-side app Multipurpose rss reader, live stream, mashup, aggregation web application GPLv3
14 Shaarli Community Server-side app Personal URL bookmarking app GPLv3 et al
15 Mastodon Community Server-side app Free, open-source social network AGPLv3
16 Riot Community Server, mobile, desktop Secure chat, voice and video with bridges into other networks Apache 2.0
17 Synapse Community Server-side app Secure chat, voice and video with bridges into other networks Apache 2.0
18 Wallabag Community Server-side app Save and classify articles. Read them later. Freely. MIT
19 HestiaPi HestiaPi Hardware with pre-installed software Open Smart thermostat without the personal data harvesting GPLv3
20 Prosody IM Community Server-side app Instant-messaging server MIT/X11
21 Diaspora* Diaspora Foundation Hosted service Decentralized social network with many pods AGPLv3
22 Kodi XBMC Foundation Software application The ultimate entertainment center GPLv2
23 Firefox Mozilla Corporation App Web browser Mozilla Public License
24 River Dave Winer Server-side app A river-of-news RSS aggregator MIT
25 Webtrees Webtrees team Server-side app Web-based family history software GPLv3
26 Little Outliner Dave Winer Server-side app Easy to learn, entry-level outliner that runs in a web browser Proprietary
27 Nixnote Randy Baumgarte Desktop app Helps you take notes and stay organized GPLv2
28 DragonBox Pyra Pyra developers Hardware Ultra portable mini computer tbd
29 Avidemux Mean Desktop app Free video editor to cut, filter and encode projects GPLv2
30 Cinelerra Community Desktop app Free filmmaking software GPLv2
31 Kdenlive Community Desktop app Non-Linear Video Editor GPLv2
32 OpenShot OpenShot Studios Desktop app Video Editor GPLv3
33 Wagn Grass Commons Server-side app Innovative Wiki built from cards GPLv3
34 Rockstor RockStor, Inc. Server OS Linux and BTRFS based NAS operating system GPLv3
35 Cozy Cozy Cloud Server-side app Personal cloud, app platform and life organizer AGPLv3
36 Pump.io Community Server-side app Activity stream server that does most of what people want from a social network Apache 2.0
37 FreedomBox FreedomBox Foundation Server-side software Encrypted home server software GPLv3
38 Audacity Audacity Team Desktop app Multi-track audio recording and editing software GPLv2
39 PirateBox David Darts and Mattian Strubel Appliance DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system Open source (several)
40 Beaker Paul Frazee and Tara Vancil Desktop app Web browser that also lets you browse and publish to the Dat P2P network Modified MIT
41 Bitmessage Community Desktop app Instant messaging on the decentralized, encrypted Bitmessage network MIT
42 Retroshare Community Desktop app Free, open source, cross-platform, secure, decentralized communication platform GPLv2
43 Rocket.Chat Rocket.Chat Server-side app Web chat platform MIT
44 Loomio Loomio Co-op Server-side app Better decisions together AGPLv3
45 Friendica Community Server-side app A decentralized social network AGPLv3
46 Inkscape Community Desktop app Professional vector graphics editor GPL
47 Hubzilla Community Server-side app Platform for creating interconnected websites with decentralized identity, communications, and permissions MIT
48 JetPad P2P Value Consortium Server-side app On-line open source text editor GPLv3
49 Krita Krita Foundation Desktop app Painting program GPLv3
50 ChatSecure Chris Ballinger Mobile app Encrypted messenger for iOS GPLv3
51 Jitsi Community Server-side app Video conferencing Apache 2.0
52 Metabase Metabase Server-side app Open-source business intelligence and analytics AGPLv3
53 Letsencrypt Internet Security Research Group Web service Free, automated and open certificate authority Free
54 RSS Bridge Community Server-side app Creates RSS feeds for big websites that don't have them Public domain
55 Home Assistant Community Server-side app Home automation platform Apache 2.0
56 Mediagoblin Community Server-side app Media publishing platform AGPLv3
57 Briar Community Mobile app Secure messaging, anywhere, even without internet connectivity GPLv3
58 Mailvelope Mailvelope GmbH Browser plugin Adds PGP encryption to any web mail provider AGPLv3
59 The Lounge Community Server-side app Modern web internet relay chat MIT
60 Open Energy Monitor Community Hardware/software system Open source monitoring for understanding energy Various